We're hiring: Can you sell Digital Ads?

We need someone to contribute to PureAds Affiliate sales program. We’re seeking to grow our Publisher base to fuel the growth of our Owned & Operated properties and CPA Network. You’ll be finding and initiating contact with Affiliates around the US and the globe.

More than a salesperson, you’re carrying the torch to the swath of Affiliate Marketers that haven’t found the PureAds CPA Network yet. Sometimes they don’t know about our O&O Properties, Exclusive Offers, Fast Payments or Direct Advertiser budgets. Other times they’re well aware, but they haven’t been worked enough to scale the relationship. Your job is to educate them, show them campaigns they should be running and tell them how PureAds can elevate their Return on Ad Spend.

Objectives of the job

Month 1

  • Learn PureAds inside out, our systems, internal processes and our offers
  • Write your opening pitch. Rehearse it. Now put it to the test with the PureAds team
  • Start reaching out to qualified leads provided to you by the prospecting team.
  • Take over assigned Affiliate Accounts

Month 2

  • Continue hitting your lead list and onboarding new Affiliates
  • You're now working with your Affiliates to get traffic to our offers
  • You're now comfortable with our systems & internal processes and have a general idea of our top offers

Month 3

  • You're now closing in 5 – 10 new Affiliates per month
  • Ongoing maintenance and management of your current Affiliate Accounts
  • You're growing your Affiliate Revenue

Month 4

You're humming along, and provided you're successful, we'll take some measurements to see how much more to expand your role and outbound sales in general for our team.

What is PureAds?

PureAds is a pay for performance marketing agency devoted to our advertisers and publishers. PureAds has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals while becoming one of the leading global performance marketing agencies. Known for quality, accountability, reach, and honesty, PureAds believes in the power of win-win partnerships.

About you

  • You are a starter, and a closer. We’ll work the in-betweens to provide the product support you need.
  • You have 2+ years of relevant Affiliate and or Performance Marketing experience at an agency, network or running an Affiliate Program.
  • You’re an excellent writer.
  • You’re highly analytical, comfortable using data to measure success and make decisions.
  • You’re a team player with a positive attitude.

About the job

  • This is a base salary plus commission job.
  • You don’t need to be in San Clemente, CA. We’re happy to set you up to succeed wherever you are. You do, however, need to be in the United States and able to work here.

About the job

Below are three things we’d like you to do. Wrap them all up in an email and send them to [email protected]

  • Tell us about your sales approach, and your past successes.
  • Tell us your story, and how you think your experience will benefit PureAds.
  • Send along your résumé with 2 references.